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BSecure DIY Trellis

A strong and reliable security gate option

Trellis Gate

The gate of choice for home and domestic installations. Comes fitted with a stainless-steel slam lock with anti-lift pin for additional security.

Strong single thick 450mm flites on each upright, forming 3 uniform X patterns across the gate, designed for strength.

Tamper-proof solid bottom bolts that cannot be cut or melted, slides into a wheelchair-friendly bottom track with concealed rollers in the top track.

The top and bottom guides are key to the easy open-and-close action of the door. The gate runs on specially designed nylon wheels on the top and glides on PVC fibreglass-infused bottom guides for a smooth and silent run on the bottom track's 13mm curved profile, and is designed for easy navigation whether you are pushing a cart or walking.

The sections are neatly stacked to the side while in the open position.

DIY slam-lock security gate: Easy to install and stylish, suitable for the modern household.

We fabricate to any custom size.

Manufactured from hardened aluminium alloy and powder coated, making for a durable and corrosion-resistant security gate.

Available in White, Bronze and Charcoal coloring.

BSecure DIY Trellis
BSecure DIY Trellis


- Slam Lock

- Handle

- Low-maintenance & corrosion-resistant

- Smooth and silent mechanism

- Simple installation


- Dimensions: 1200x2100mm (Widths to customer specifications, E.G: 1000mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm)

- Material: 25x30 Lock keep, 40x25 Lock stile, 20x20mm Aluminium Uprights, 20x20mm 430mm Flites

- Weight: 10kg

- Warranty: 60m

What's in the box?

BSecure DIY Trellis

1x Gate

1x Top Track & Bottom Track

1x Handle and Barrel

1x Bottom Guides, wheels and axle pack

1x Fastener pack with cover caps

1x Installation document


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